One Website branded perfectly across Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices
We build amazing websites. Ok, so you client and yourself will focus on the design of the website. How it looks and our designers will ensure that hits the mark. What we really need in the end is structure, flow and client experience - which is development. Every little feature must have roots, must tie in to the site and the experience in a way the site does not appear complex or hard to use but smooth regardless of the amount of functionality.
For companys - it begins with Branding and then they realise that their site can do more than just sit there for potential prospects. It can do something for them. It can begin to engage not just prospective clients but current clients. It can become a step above the competition, set that company apart and drive up revenue. It can organise clients in a way to eleviate pressure on employees and streamline seamlessly into the companies current systems and structure.
When you have Secure Web Applications you have Confident Customers
Sure, you can design the perfect site or software. You can spend a lot of time to ensure the structure, flow and client experience is breath taking. But what about Security?
Website security is an ever changing arena. What was secure today may not be tomorrow. Adjustments must be made and updates carried out in regular intervals.
Regardless of if you hold client information, a simple injection into your website with malware and your clients will be steered clear by search engines and anti-virus solutions which will effect your brand. Regular maintenance can have a major impact on your vulnerability.
While we do develop games and tools, lets focus here on business native apps. By native we are talking about Apple and Android apps that you get from the Apple and Google Play stores. Why not talk about games and tool based apps? Well, the success rate of such apps are so very low that even with the best idea, the best scope of works with the best development - the chances of success are so low that in most cases this development is not worth the cost for the client. Now, if you are a client that understands that and still wishes to develop such apps, we are happy to help.
Mobile Apps for Enterprise
Most companies, that have some user functionality built within their website can add value to their business by commissioning a native application (or applications).
This is not the same as a website that just changes view based on the screen it is on (web, mobile, tablet) - see our web development for that. This is for businesses that want to allow clients to use the actual functionality on their devices from contacts, calendars, data saving with databases, cameras and more which can not be done through a 'reactive' website - or a website that changes its display based on the device you are on.
It is time to Connect and Engage
When a user installs your application you are connecting to them on a different level then they simply visiting your website. They are taking the time to "get to know you" and use your services.
With this type of engagement, you will be able to capture that users information, their habits, their feelings in your market so you can stay on top of your market. A lot of companies believe that engagement is an email or when they visit your website. That is a passive engagement and of little worth. With a native app you can have active engagement, set a goal for what you want to know either about your clients or their views/habits in relations to your market.
An enterprise solution that is cost effective and users actually want to use ?
What good is software if the end user finds it daunting to use? We will work with you and your end users to provide the proper development for you and your end users. Remember, it not just about what it does or it is how it does it but about how easy it is to use.

Whether it is a new development project, a facelift to an existing project or updating and adding features to an existing piece of software or full solution. We are here to help. We offer once off quotations as well as long term, contracted development where we can constantly keep your development updated and fresh for your clients or end users.

From asp .net to C# and everything in between. We can customise your development as per your requirements. If you do not know where to begin, we can help you by recommending the proper path for long term success of your project.
Is your website vulnerable to attack? Is your clients information safe?
Most websites are vulnerable. That is the truth. With the bank websites being hit recently and other big named websites, with client information stolen, it is obvious everyone is vulnerable.

What it comes down to is how vulnerable are you? Those who go after companies in the digital world do it for gain or grievance. This is why most small companies have little issues with half based security (unless unlucky enough to get hit with a 'bot' that does not care. So it is 'safe' to say that security decreases (without looking at the companies development) as the company increases. By increases we mean rankings, revenue, clients, etc.

Now, looking at development, there are many small things that we can do to just get the security notching up or even make it extremely resilient. Of course there are cost factors here so let us know your requirements and we would be happy to discuss.
We can Secure your Websites, Apps and Software.
  • logo Software must be kept current in order to be secure. It is not a one time event, develop and run for years without updating as this will leave it (and you) vulnerable.
  • logo Platforms change. What was once the best server to run your software on or device will change. Software should be modified and run on current and supported hardware.
  • logo Software applications should be penetration tested before release to the world. Now, if you are talking something small then this may not apply but if not, then it should.
  • logo There are a lot of aspects when looking at security. We can help with whatever your requirements are.
Once off development
This is quote and complete. You provide us a scope of works or we build one for you (at a cost) and then quote it. Once approved we build it and deliver it. You are involved in the entire process and any additions to the scope as things progress woul
Contracted development
Here we can tailor a development package for you. This way you pay a lower monthly fee which equates to lower development costs as once off development is usually quoted in worst case scenario mode. You can now grow your arsenal of development as wel
Vulnerability review
Here we will go through your current website(s), software, app, etc and give you a report on your security issues as well as any needed quotes to repair these deficiencies. This is an excellent way to begin our relationship with a full understanding
Custom development packages
No matter what your needs are we can custom a package to fit. Whether it be a once off with some ongoing works and a security review of something different, just let us know and we will give you a custom package. Our quotes come with no obligations,
One Powerful App Across Many Devices
When it comes to Branding, you want the same look and feel and same customer experience across the board. We can create that for you.
Whether your client needs to use a mobile device or tablet, whether they need to go through or enter complex structures or simple it is important that they feel a warm and cooling flow as they progress through.
How many companies have ruined their Brand with the wrong development or complex structures and complex flow. We can help you figure this all out and give that proper experience to your end users.
iPhone, iPad & Mac
Android Devices
Windows Phone, Tablet & PC
No matter how or where your clients wish to connect, lets let them connect. Your clients should not be limited to engaging you and you should not have such limitations in client engagement.

So if you are looking at stepping up your business. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, to gain more of your market and grow, if you realise that staying up on technology will set you apart and give you long term benefits, then we are here to help you. We can offer consultation services to simply help you with your scope of works all the way to providing you with a finished and deployable product. Whatever your needs, Your Development Team is here to help.